About Us

Senior Pastor Anwar Fazal is the Founder and President of Eternal Life Ministries of Pakistan, a Holy Spirit ministry with a world-wide vision.

Pastor Fazal has a wonderful ministry team. He also has a choir of 200 boys and girls.

Pastor Fazal arranges a large Healing Crusade every Wednesday in Lahore where thousands of peopleattend every week making this the biggest healing service in all of Pakistan, by the Grace of God.

Pastor Anwar has traveled extensively throughout the world, preaching God’s Word in crusades, national and international conventions, and churches and on radio and television.

Attracted by the extraordinary miracles that are accompanying his ministry, many secular newspapers and TV stations have carried reports of Pastor Fazal’s crusades. He is known for the powerful anointing God has placed upon his life.

Pastor Fazal has reached millions with the Gospel and under his unique ministry, people receive healing even from incurable diseases. Those tormented by the enemy receive deliverance at these meetings.

People from all over the world write and share their prayer requests with the church’s 24-Hour Hallelujah Healing Prayer Center in Lahore, Pakistan.